MediClub looks after your eyes

We are happy to announce that now MediClub memberships brings you even more benefits. Starting from the 9th of April, all MediClub members can purchase a set of corrective glasses with a 15% discount and a pair of sunglasses with a 20% discount.

Medicover Optician is a place where vision meets style, offering to its clients:

  • comprehensive examinations performed by specialists – optometrists,
  • professional assistance in selecting frames,
  • a wide selection of frames for corrective lenses and sunglasses for both men and women,
  • professional quality of visits, service and products

Visit Medicover Optician showrooms and start enjoying MediClub’s benefits.


  • Medicover Optician, ul. Aleje Jerozolimskie 96 (ground floor)
  • Medicover Optician, ul. Rzeczpopolitej 5 (Medicover Hospital)
  • Medicover Optician, ul. Klimczaka 1 (Royal Wilanów)
  • Medicover Optician, ul. Racławicka 27
  • Medicover Optician, ul. Grochowska 306/308


  • Medicover Optician, ul. Grabiszyńska 240


  • Medicover Optician, al. E. Rydza - Śmigłego 20


  • Medicover Optician, ul. Graniczna 54


  • Medicover Optician, Al. Grunwaldzka 472E (Olivia Business Park)
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