Medical decision support system - a tool facilitating the work of Medicover physicians

In order to continuously improve our services and provide our patients with the greatest sense of security we are introducing a new feature - starting 15 April, Medicover doctors will have additional support in choosing the best recommendations for patients.

The new feature will help doctors in their daily work by introducing even more accurate and more precise information in the computer system, tailored to specific conditions. The feature will be available to doctors during on-site visits at Medicover Centres, as well as when providing medical advice via telemedicine channels.

How will this look in practice? Before ordering any further tests, the doctor will now also receive system prompts generated on the basis of the medical information obtained from previous patient visits, including: diagnoses, interviews, commissioned tests and results, consultation results and treatment outcomes. This information, if necessary, will be supplemented by targeted questions, also prompted by the system.

The algorithms on which the new feature is based are created by the Medicover Medical Department based on the guidelines of Polish, European and global medical societies. The information used for the algorithms may include most of the available digitised medical information contained in the patient’s electronic medical records at Medicover.

The new solution will certainly facilitate the work of physicians, and for the patient it will provide an additional guarantee of safety and accurate diagnosis. Limiting the ordering of unnecessary tests will speed up the treatment process, while at the same time improving their availability.

We should mention that the medical decision support system does not replace the doctor, but provides substantive and contextual support. The doctor is always the one who makes the final medical decision.

Date added 10.04.2019
Data ostatniej aktualizacji 10.04.2019