Home care

Home Care programme for the elderly offered by our Centre includes a wide range of services for the elderly and dependent persons.

The services proposed, for example:

  • care provided by qualified, professional carers and housing support advisors,
  • house calls (nurses and doctors),
  • examinations conducted at patient's home by nurses and specialist doctors,
  • full post-hospital and post-operative physiotherapy at patient's home,
  • psychological consultations and support for the family members taking daily care of the elderly.

Remember that the stress and exhaustion that usually accompany taking care of the ill, especially the dependants, in the long run do not help them, nor you. When choosing our services, you can adapt the offer to suit your needs and provide comfort and the sense of security both for you and the patient.

Main advantages of having help at home when taking care of a senior or a dependent include: 

  • Speed and comprehensiveness, which means that all formalities are completed over the Internet or any place and time good for you.
  • Experience and reliability of our personnel, who have all the necessary training, education and qualifications. They will take professional care of your family members -we take 100% responsibility for taking proper care of our patients.
  • Adaptation, because our carers and advisors are always selected according to the individual requirements and needs of our patients.
  • Personnel change option at any moment: if you think the person we selected for you is unsuitable, without giving any reasons you can change the staff member taking care of your family member.
  • Easy organization, it only takes us 24h since taking the call to organize required help.
  • Help in organizing required medical and/or physiotherapy equipment and any other conveniences (e.g. hygiene and cleaning equipment).

Our Home Care programme offers:

Short-term care

Our house support advisors will help your elderly family members in every day chores such as shopping and cooking as well as provide company at home or during walks and our professional carers will provide help with nursing and hygiene activities the senior is unable to do themselves, as well as they will assist with basic household chores.

24/7 care

Constant care of your family member and help provided by experienced carers and nurses, especially useful when you do not live with them and can devote only a few hours a day to take care of them.

Live In Care

24/7 care of your family member with the carer living together with the senior.

Temporary care (respite care)

Constant monitoring of the senior, when you have to leave their side and do not want them to be alone. This option offers advisor visits, continuous nurse duty or 24/7 care.

Post-hospital care

Designed to help when the patient returns home after a hospital stay and still requires nursing or medical monitoring and subsequent medical examinations.

Palliative help

Specialized medical care for terminally ill people. It focuses on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness while offering psychological support for family members.

Neurological rehabilitation at home - NEUROFORMA training sessions

Rehabilitation course for patients requiring regular neurological rehabilitation, which aims to improve motor and cognitive functions. Conducted by a professional physiotherapist, it utilizes an innovative therapeutic programme, created by neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology experts, NEUROFORMA uses virtual reality and 2D and 3D limb movement registration software. These recordings of training sessions allow us to analyse their effectiveness and modify exercises as needed.

Physiotherapy sessions at home

Physiotherapy sessions in familiar environment without the need to leave home, when needed. The physiotherapy is conducted by experienced professionals and physiotherapists and monitored by a coordinating doctor.

House calls

This option is especially useful when a patient is undergoing treatment or in post-hospital period, it includes, among others, nursing services and specialist doctor house calls.

Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests such as: taking blood and other samples, testing memory, ECG or Holter examinations conducted at home, without the need to visit a clinic.