You take care of your appearance and try to regularly visit a beautician and a hairdresser because you would like to look beautiful and feel feminine every day.

Think comprehensively about your femininity. Let your beauty go hand in hand with your health. Perform the “feminine tests” and make sure that you are not in the high risk group for breast and cervical cancers. Include such medical check-ups as cytology, breast ultrasound and reproductive system ultrasound on your daily to-do list today.

Do you know that every day 45 women in Poland are diagnosed with breast cancer, and as many as 10 with cervical cancer? Many of them die because the cancer was diagnosed too late.

Do not take such a risk! Perform the tests under the “High-Heeled Health” package and be sure that you are healthy. Do it for yourself and your family.

Remember that early diagnosis and implementation of a suitable therapy makes it possible to reach full recovery from a number of diseases, including cancers.

“High-Heeled Health” is a medical package for each adult woman. It includes a consultation by a midwife during which cytological smear is taken and the following tests are conducted: breast ultrasound and gynaecological ultrasound as well as a gynaecological appointment to discuss the test results and assess your “feminine health”.

For your convenience, the provision of services within the programme is coordinated - all the tests and consultations can be fulfilled during only two appointments in the Medicover Centre.

Package validity period: 3 months from the date indicated in the order confirmation.

Your benefits:

  • the possibility to detect selected cancers at an early stage, including endometrial, cervical, ovarian and breast cancers
  • diagnostics on the inflammations of the reproductive system
  • detecting menstrual cycle disorders
  • the opportunity to commence your treatment if any abnormalities are diagnosed
  • obtaining medical recommendations concerning, amongst others, the prevention of neoplasms and, if abnormalities have been detected, guidelines for further diagnosis and treatment.

Scope of the package:

  • midwife consultation
  • cervical cytology
  • breast ultrasound
  • gynaecological ultrasound
  • gynaecological consultation along with discussion of the gynaecological test results (cytology, breast ultrasound, gynaecological ultrasound) and medical recommendations

The “High-Heeled Health” Check-Up can be performed at the selected Medicover Centres

  • Warszawa: Wołoska Medicover Centre, Praga Południe Medicover Centre, Aleje Jerozolimskie Medicover Centre
  • Kraków: Podgórska Medicover Centre, Bora Komorowskiego Medicover Centre
  • Łódź: Pomorska Medicover Centre
  • Katowice: Graniczna Medicover Centre 

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