The Medicover Pharmacies have got a completely new offer: organic products created for the patients – also in response to the needs of everyone who considers healthy diet to be an important part of everyday life.

All Bio Green Garden products have been awarded the Agro Bio Test Certificate, given to both fresh and processed products of organic farming as required by the laws of the European Union. The composition of all Bio Green Garden products includes only juice from fruits and vegetables of organic farming. The brand of Bio Green Garden combines nature, health and ecology. Its products are included in the category known as functional food. The Bio Green Garden juices and syrups are nutritional, and they also have a number of pro-health properties:

  • The raspberry syrup strengthens immune system.
  • The elderberry syrup has got a warming effect; it induces sweat and helps fight fever.
  • The chokeberry syrup is rich in antioxidants and increases immunity level.
  • The cranberry syrup has a beneficial effect on urinary tract.
  • The cranberry juice supports treatment of bladder infections.
  • The sour celery juice cleanses body of toxins.
  • The sour cabbage juice stimulates immunity and production of antibodies.
  • The sour turnip juice strengthens hair.
  • The sour parsley juice has strong diuretic properties.
  • The sour beetroot juice provides iron and lowers blood pressure.
  • The sour vegetable juice increases overall physical fitness. 

Moreover, all these sour juices contain large amounts of vitamin C and group B vitamins. Available only at the Medicover Pharmacies.