Language Training

Medicover offers employees the opportunity to learn foreign languages. Classes are co-financed by Medicover. Learning takes place in the workplace, in small groups, and the curriculum is adapted to the specifics of the work.

Medicover Manager Academy

For those who are just beginning their professional career as a manager, we have created the Medicover Manager Academy. Participants follow the Medicover leadership model while implementing tasks during the workshop sessions.

Group Development program

During the workshops, training sessions, meetings, direct contact with senior management staff and through managing projects supporting the implementation of the Medicover strategy, program participants develop key business skills. Employees from all over Europe participate in the program.

Project Management Standard

Medicover is a dynamically growing organisation. As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to influence changes and create standards. Here we have jointly developed and follow unique standards for: Customer Service, Project Management and Change Management.

We offer development opportunities for project management at Medicover to all who are involved in implementing projects. Everyone can take part in the activities, from those just starting out in the field to more experienced staff who want to improve their knowledge. We offer various ways of learning, including on-line training, workshops, meetings with a mentor and through action-learning.

Change Management Standard

Our development activities related to change management are aimed at managers and persons implementing changes within the projects. As part of the program, the workshops are also available to employees who want to grow and become more flexible to change.

WHY: We build people's trust in change and increase the benefits and effectiveness of changes, while reducing the risk of implementing wrong changes.

HOW: We improve our communication with regards to changes and increase employee support in implementing changes.

WHAT: We utilise LIFEPACK, or a set of tools for better communication of changes on a daily basis.