GenoDiet genetic tests

Each one of us is different. We differ not just in the way we look on the outside, but mainly in the way we are "inside." We live different lifestyles, we live in different parts of the world, we are of different ages, and our levels of physical activity are different. This is why, each one of us should be approached individually in many aspects, but above all in terms of health.

Are there, however, different tests or methods to check our individual genetic backgrounds? Ways that, at the same time, unequivocally determine our predispositions? Of course there are! One such method is the genetic test called GenoDiet. A test that provides invaluable data, one that you can get done even today here at the Medicover Hospital! Based on the analyses involved in this test, your doctor can put together your individualised nutrition plan and physical exercise programme designed especially for you!

The knowledge you will gain this way will guide you for the rest of your life, as the results of the test provide information about unchangeable factors that affect your body. This is a very useful test recommended for all of us who want to get to know their body and its needs. Thanks to tests like the GenoDiet test, available here at the Medicover Hospital, we stand a better chance of staying in good shape for many years to come. Find out more about our offer and provide your body with the things it needs most.