COVID-19 vaccination: next booster dose

The Minister of Health recommends administering the vaccine updated under the currently prevailing sub-variant XBB.1.5. The vaccination appointments will be launched from 06 December 2023.

The vaccination is recommended for:

  • persons over 60 years of age;
  • persons with immunodeficiency or co-morbidities that increase the risk of severe COVID-19 (applicable to individuals older than 12 years);
  • healthcare professionals who have direct contact with patients or infectious material.

Where can I be vaccinated?

According to Notification no. 34 of the Minister of Health on the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination in the 2023-2024 season, the entities authorised to perform COVID-19 vaccinations from 01 December 2023 will be exclusively:

  • primary healthcare (POZ) facilities,
  • pharmacies open to the general public.

As a consequence of these changes, COVID-19 vaccinations will no longer be available at Medicover Medical Centres.

The current list of vaccination centres performing the vaccination from 01 December 2023 is available here: Map of vaccination centres - Vaccination against COVID-19 - Portal (

XBB (Kraken) variant vaccine – what should we know about about it?

The protein subunit vaccine Nuvaxovid (manufactured by Novavax) is updated in line with the characteristics of the currently predominant subvariant XBB.1.5. and will also be available to those who wish to be vaccinated and meet the age requirement (over 12 years old) and at least 6 months have elapsed since their last COVID-19 vaccination.

For persons aged 12+ who were not previously vaccinated against COVID-19, the second dose should be administered in three weeks after the first dose.

The recommended interval for the next booster dose after the last booster dose in the 12+ age group is at least 6 months.

Full text of communication issued by the Minister of Health on COVID-19 vaccinations in the 2023-2024 season:

Notification no. 34 of the Minister of Health on the implementation of vaccination against COVID-19 in the 2023-2024 season - Ministry of Health - Portal (

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