The scan must be performed on an empty stomach (no solid foods must be consumed for at least 6 hours before the scan). To maintain proper body hydration when the scan is performed using a contrast agent, it is recommended to drink about one litre of liquids (still mineral water or weak tea). It is convenient to wear loose, comfortable clothes for the scan, particularly without any metal elements, such as buckles, rivets or buttons, because they may distort the image.

It is possible to drive vehicles immediately after your CT scan. Patients are allowed to take medicines before the scan because CT scans do not affect their action. CT scans can be performed at any time during a menstrual cycle, also during the menstrual period. In the event of planned scans, for the protection of pregnant women against radiation, it is recommended to have the test performed by the 10th day of a cycle (to avoid exposure to radiation in the case of early, unrecognised pregnancy).

Inform the person performing the scan about the following:

Before the scan:

  • a previously diagnosed allergy or any past allergic reactions to drugs or iodine contrast agents in the past
  • all the results of previous examinations or tests (in particular, any previous CT scans and the current blood creatinine level)
  • susceptibility to bleeding (haemorrhagic diathesis)
  • pregnancy or suspected pregnancy

During the scan:

Despite being closed during the scan, patients can always contact the examining staff. During the scan, patients should immediately report:

  • any sudden discomforts (e.g. a feeling of claustrophobia)
  • any adverse effects occurring immediately after administration of the contrast agent (breathlessness, dizziness, nausea) 

After the examination:

The administration of iodine contrast agents, which are frequently used in CT scans, may sometimes cause:

  • dizziness
  • itching
  • a feeling of heat
  • metallic taste in the mouth
  • palpitations

Any of the above-mentioned symptoms should be immediately reported to the medical staff.

Once the scan is over, to facilitate the elimination of the contrast agent from the body, it is recommended to consume large amounts of liquids (approximately 2.5 litres of still mineral water or unsweetened beverages within 24 hours after the scan).

Please arrive to your appointment 15 minutes in advance in order to complete the “CT Questionnaire”.