Cardiac Screening

Many people don't realise that cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in Poland. According to the most recent statistics, as many as 30% of adult Poles have high blood pressure (hypertension). Why is this percentage so high? Mainly because as many as 60% of Poles live an unhealthy lifestyle, and more than 20% are morbidly obese. No wonder that medical statistics do not reflect very well on us as a nation. Apart from the obvious modification of eating habits and lifestyle changes, is there any other way to avoid or substantially improve these statistics? Of course there is! One of them is heart screening!

Did you know that 50% of people could avoid death from cardiovascular disease if they implemented preventive measures, such as regular medical and diagnostic check-ups? Results of tests such as Heart Screening done at Medicover Hospital provide information about any changes that might be present in your cardiovascular system, your risk of having a heart attack and the need to undergo further testing. Based on these data a dedicated prophylaxis programme can be prepared for you to allow you to enjoy your life to the full and keep your heart in good form. Take care of your health today and don't be part of those terrifying statistics!

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