Cardiac Screening Plus

According to statistics, cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in Poland. Not a very optimistic piece of information. In fact, it's even worse than you think, as according to research, we, Poles, have only ourselves to blame. It is estimated that more than 50% of people could avoid death from cardiovascular disease if they showed up for their annual check-ups and participated in health screening programmes. So, if you're in a high-risk group because:

  • you have a family history of cardiovascular disease,
  • you have high blood pressure (hypertension),
  • you are over 40 years old and your level of physical activity is low,
  • you are overweight (BMI > 25),

check out our special programme called Heart Screening "CardioPlus" here at Medicover Hospital! The main purpose of this program is to offer a comprehensive diagnostic cardiac evaluation, which will quickly and accurately assess the condition of your heart. Results of these tests will provide information about any changes that might be present in your cardiovascular system, your risk of having a heart attack and the need to undergo further testing. The extended range of tests will allow our specialists to accurately identify the potential risks and put together a prophylactic plan needed to keep your heart in good health. 

So if you want to enjoy good health for many years to come, this programme might save your life! 
Don't wait till tomorrow, take care of your heart today!

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