You've been bitten by a tick? You're anxious about your health after removing the tick and you don't know what to do? You suspect Lyme disease? Or maybe you've been suffering from Lyme borreliosis for years and you look for a specialist to find the right treatment? Benefit from advice at Lyme Treatment Clinic.

Lyme borreliosis is a tick-borne disease, whose first symptoms are expanding skin rash and flu-like ailments.

Other symptoms, e.g. recurring and or chronic arthritis, pains in joints, muscles and tendons, nerve palsies and pareses, can manifest after many weeks, months or years, which makes the real cause of the condition hard to diagnose. Advanced disease stages and ensuing complications require in-depth diagnostics and constant medical care.

Advice at Lyme Treatment Clinic is meant for patients who suspect that they are infected by Borrelia and for patients diagnosed with Lyme disease at different stages. 

The treatment process is based on standards issued by the Expert Group of Polish Society of Epidemiologists and Infectious Diseases Specialists. 

During the appointment, the doctor will:

  • conduct a medical interview
  • propose a treatment plan in collaboration with you and recommend further steps
  • if you have neurological, cardiological or rheumatological symptoms, the Lyme Treatment 

Clinic doctor will take steps to reduce their intensity and seek to eliminate them completely Fast diagnosis and treatment offer 90% chance of effective curing Lyme disease. The sooner you take up therapy, the more efficient it will be.