Are you going to travel to the tropics in winter? Remember about vaccinations

Are you planning your dream holidays in the tropics in winter? Make sure your holidays are carefree and healthy. Before packing your luggage, get vaccinations against the most common diseases.

Four important vaccinations for overseas travellers to the tropics.

Typhoid fever
An acute infectious disease (also known as the Dirty Hands Disease) is caused by Salmonella typhi infection. It is most frequently caused by consumption of infected food or water.

This vaccination is recommended for travellers visiting South and East Asia, Africa as well as Central and South Americas.

Yellow fever
Acute viral disease transmitted by virus-infected mosquitoes in the tropical regions. Some bites lead to the development of an acute form of the disease that is characterised by fever, headaches, muscle pain, cold sensation (shivers), loss of appetite, and digestive disorders. After a few days jaundice develops, and the symptoms are accompanied by haemorrhagic changes. Some patients, who developed the second phase of the disease, die.

This vaccination is recommended for travellers visiting the tropical regions of Africa as well as Central and South Americas.

Acute infectious disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Infection occurs most frequently via the digestive tract as the consequence of consumption of infected food or water, or through direct contact with sick persons (less frequently). Typical symptoms of the disease include diarrhoea that looks like rice water, abundant vomiting, fast progress of dehydration as well as electrolyte disorders. Rapid dehydration can lead to acute renal failure, serious electrolyte disorders, and death.

This vaccination is recommended for travellers visiting Africa and South and Central Americas.

Japanese encephalitis
Infectious disease caused by a mosquito-borne virus. The vast majority of cases are asymptomatic – however, some patients experience meningeal or flu-like symptoms, as well as life-threatening encephalitis.

This vaccination is recommended for travellers visiting the Far East, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and New Guinea.

Before a vaccination, it is necessary to be qualified by a travel medicine doctor. Please call 500 900 500 and make an appointment for the vaccination, or book a visit online at

Qualification can also be carried out via Medicover OnLine chat from Monday to Thursday between 08:00 and 23:00 (this service is available only for individuals with Medicover medical care).

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