Treatment of hyperhidrosis

Do you ever get the feeling that your body is working against you, and when you need to look your absolute best, all your body gives you is buckets of sweat? Do you know this feeling when no deodorant or antiperspirant is effective enough to get rid of those sweat stains under your arms or on your back? Stop worrying! Lots of people worldwide face this problem every day. Fortunately, modern medicine has found a solution to most of these symptoms.

Although sweating is a normal physiological process, it sometimes gets out of hand and becomes troublesome and extremely embarrassing, especially in stressful situations and high temperatures. Excessive sweating (or hyperhidrosis) may either be caused by another disease, such as hormonal problems, infections (secondary hyperhidrosis), or have no underlying cause (primary hyperhidrosis). The best way to treat secondary hyperhidrosis is to eliminate the underlying cause.

In primary hyperhidrosis Botox treatments are used. Blocking the function of sweat glands using Botox is currently considered to be the most effective treatment. During a single treatment session this unpleasant ailment can be eliminated for months. Here at Medicover Hospital, the treatment is carried out by a doctor and is preceded by a medical consultation during which you can dissipate all your concerns about the treatment of excessive sweating. Book your consultation today, and set yourself free from that embarrassing problem for months.