Does your child often suffer from tonsillitis? Or perhaps he or she is suffering from recurrent throat infections? The reason for this is the inflammation of the palatine tonsils or the pharyngeal tonsil.

The palatine tonsils are located between the nasal cavity and the throat, as the name suggests, right on the palate. In turn, adenoid, also called the third tonsil, is located in the nasal part of the throat and is not visible during the classical examination of the throat. The tonsils belong to lymphatic system; therefore, their main role is to produce antibodies to protect children from germs. Unfortunately, when the infections are too frequent, the tonsils become inflammatory instead of protective, which makes it difficult for the child to function in daily life.

Consequently, a child can:

  •  snore (there is a risk of apnoea that is dangerous to health),
  •  complain about breathing problems,
  •  have difficulty in swallowing food,
  •  speak indistinctly.

The solution for recurrent inflammation of tonsils is to remove them. When the infections often recur, and the baby has problems in swallowing, it is worth making an appointment with an otolaryngologist at our Consulting Centre. The Medicover Hospital offers a procedure to remove not only palatine tonsils (tonsillectomy) but also adenoid (adenoidectomy).

Qualified Medicover Hospital staff takes care of the comfort of our little patients – they are anaesthetised and woken up in the presence of their parents. The proximity of your beloved mum or dad reduces the tension and stress associated with the procedure. Removal of tonsils is performed under general anaesthesia, and the tissue that has been surgically cut out is sent for histopathological examination.