Frequent tonsillitis, sleep apnea syndrome, and chronic palatine tonsillitis may be an indication for removal of tonsils. These procedures are performed classically or using radio wave diathermy.

List of treatments carried out at Medicover Hospital:

  • Incision and drainage of periapillary arch abscess
  • Excision of palate lesion
  • Cutting of palatine tonsils
  • Inserting a ventilation tube into the ear
  • Removal of sublingual gland cyst
  • Removal of submandibular gland
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Adenotonsillotomy
  • Surgery of middle neck cyst
  • Surgery of side-neck cyst
  • Adenotonsillotomy with ear drainage
  • Adenoidectomy, incision of the eardrum with ear drainage
  • Bilateral insertion of ventilation tube to ears under local anaesthesia