The management staff

Marcin Łukasiewicz, Member of the Management Board of Medicover sp. z o.o., Managing Director of Hospital Services

Marcin Łukasiewicz has been developing his professional career in Medicover since 1995. First he participated in launching the operational and medical side of the company, he built the Customer Service Department, he worked as the Occupational Health&Dental Director, than as the Hospital Project Director, the Investment & Development Director and the Head of Inpatient and FFS Subdivision.
Currently as the Board Member and the Managing Director of Hospital Services he is responsible for managing and developing hospital services at Medicover Hospital, Centrum Medyczne Damiana, Rehasport Clinic, Medicover Senior and Neomedic Group.
Marcin Łukasiewicz is a graduate of the Management and Marketing at Warsaw School of Economics and Executive MBA postgraduate studies at Kozminski University.

Anna Nipanicz-Szałkowska, Director Medicover Hospital

A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn as well as the University of Computer Sciences and Economics in Olsztyn. She has worked for Medicover since 2008. For over seven years she was Head of the Medicover Medical Centre, managing 120 employees to ensure the seamless functioning of the facility. She was responsible for organising and coordinating management processes that ensured the quality standards of medical services and research projects aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the support provided to our patients and improving care and patient management. She has been on the Hospital management team since 2015 and is presently the Head of Operations and Customer Service, where she is responsible for introducing world-class service standards and managing customer service teams and operations.

Beata Teodorczuk, Director of Finances and Administration

A finance and banking graduate of Łódź University and postgraduate of Kozminski University. She holds the prestigious ACCA certificate, testifying to her expert knowledge and competences in the fields of finance and accounting and the area of risk management, strategic planning, taxes, and law. From the position of Assistant to the Director of Finances to managing the entire division of finances and administration of the Hospital, Beata's whole career path was accomplished within Medicover. The experience she acquired through years of work in the Medicover group makes her very sensitive to the challenges faced by our organisation. This means she is always ready to make the right business decision. As the Director of Finances and Administration, Beata is responsible for the financial results of the Hospital. She also oversees the performance of the Hospital Finance, NFZ (National Health Fund), and Hospital Administration teams, among others.

Natalia Ciszewska-Dudek, Director of Operations and Customer Service

A graduate of the Maria Grzegorzewska University and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw in business psychology. She has been with Medicover since 2007, working from the very beginning in the area of patient relations, including as a VIP Personal Care Manager, Customer Service Coordinator, and as an acting Manager of the Centre. She has participated in numerous projects aimed at improving services, including developing the VIP Customer Service Standards, Standards for Reception Team, and the Mobile Reception project. In 2015, Natalia joined the team at Medicover Hospital as Ambulatory Operations Manager, managing the Hospital Consultation Centre, the Diagnostic Centre and the Reception Team. She successfully implemented changes that contributed to improving quality, while at the same time ensuring the satisfaction of patients. She participated in the design and implementation of the Patient Satisfaction Survey at Medicover Hospital. Currently, Natalia is responsible for the functioning of operational processes, which includes the following departments: Medicover Hospital Customer Service Department, Hospital Outpatient Department, Medicover Hotline, and Telesales.
Natalia strives to improve direct and indirect patient services, ensuring comfort and satisfaction of patients, which, in addition to medical safety and advanced treatment methods, are Medicover’s most important values.

Piotr Komendant, Director of the Commercial Department

Employed at Medicover since 2019, Piotr is responsible for implementing changes aimed at increasing profits and sales of hospital products and services, as well as building a comprehensive sales management policy.




Krzysztof Przyśliwski MD, Medical Director

Holder of the second-degree specialisation in paediatrics and public health. He completed a post-graduate course in hospital management and public health administration at the Jagiellonian University. He also holds an MBA from the Cracow University of Economics and the Stockholm Business School. The Acting Medical Director at the Medicover Hospital. He is responsible for improving standards of safety and medical care as well as for implementing total quality management (TQM) and for adapting processes and hospital systems to the changing requirements of our patients.
Before working at Medicover, Krzysztof managed a hospital in Łańcut and a private medical centre in Rzeszów. He also cooperated with the National Health Fund. He is an experienced ISO:9001 auditor.

Agnieszka Nowak-Musiej, Deputy Medical Director for Operational Affairs

Agnieszka is responsible for the preparation and implementation of strategies for the operation of hospital wards, the supervision of the implementation of new medical services, the inspection of the working standards of healthcare personnel as well as for their evaluation and development.
In her work, she is particularly fond of the team’s engagement that she takes care of through special motivational programmes. Agnieszka graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw in 2005. She specialises in internal medicine and diabetology, and she also has many years of both clinical and outpatient experience.



Małgorzata Ostrowicka, Nursing Director

Employed at Medicover since 2001, she began her career as a nurse and in 2007 moved on to managerial roles, including Deputy Nursing Team Coordinator and Nursing Team Coordinator. In 2015, she took over as the Operations Director of the Emergency Department at Medicover Hospital in Wilanów, and for the past 2.5 years she has been the Operations Director of the Hospital Outpatient Department.
Her competences include ensuring effective operations of the nursing department at the Hospital and constant development of nursing practice standards.