The Surgical Ward here at the Medicover Hospital offers medical services and treatments of the highest quality, in line with the latest advances in global medicine.

We pride ourselves on specialist equipment and professional medical staff. As each surgeon we employ is a versatile specialist with extensive knowledge and vast expertise, we can safely perform most highly complex operations. We use modern technologies for diagnostic purposes and in advanced surgical methods, such as laparoscopy, angiography, which can be combined with endovascular procedures, and microendoscopy.

In our hospital most operations are performed using a minimally-invasive technique called laparoscopy, which eliminates the need for cutting the patient open. Laparoscopic operations are shorter, reducing the risk of complications and perioperative stress.

The benefits of the laparoscopic technique for the patient include:

  • decreased severity of postoperative pain,
  • lower risk of infection,
  • decreased blood loss,
  • shorter duration of hospitalisation – many procedures can be performed in the setting of same-day surgery,
  • rapid convalescence and resumption of usual activities,
  • smaller postoperative scars.