On 1 January 2015 we launched at Medicover Hospital services within the "Rapid Cancer Therapy" package. The package offers comprehensive treatment to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Under a contract with the National Health Fund, Medicover Hospital coordinates treatment of patients who hold the oncology card, have completed the diagnostic process and have an established diagnosis of cancer.

Dedicated Coordinator of Individual Cancer Patient Care

Each patient is assigned a coordinator who takes care of all the aspects of the patient's management, allowing the patient to focus on the most important thing – getting better. The coordinator schedules consultation appointments for the patient, collects the medical documentation 
necessary for commencing therapy and oversees the schedule of treatments and additional tests. By calling a single number the patient can find out all the necessary information.

Treatment step-by-step

The patient reports to the hospital by telephone or using a contact form, and we propose a free consultation appointment with a surgeon.

Within 14 days of joining the waiting list, the patient undergoes a qualifying evaluation by an anaesthetist and is admitted to the hospital.

Each case is discussed during a multidisciplinary meeting of four specialists: a clinical oncologist, a surgeon, a radiologist and a radiotherapy oncologist. During this meeting a treatment plan is put together for the patient.

Then the treatment process begins. The treatment process does not only include surgery, but also an ongoing support from a psychologist and a physiotherapist on the ward.

Scope of surgical treatment

The "Rapid Cancer Therapy" package here at Medicover Hospital includes surgeries associated with the management of such cancers as: gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and malignant melanoma.

If necessary, further chemotherapy or radiotherapy is provided at collaborating facilities. Also in these cases, Medicover Hospital coordinates the patient's treatment.

Treatment of patients without the Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Card (the DiLO Card)

If you haven't been issued a Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Card (the DiLO Card), but you have a histopathological report to confirm your diagnosis of cancer, contact our helpline to obtain information how you can use the package.