As is the case with many hard-pressed people nowadays, your life is probably quite stressful and continually keeps you on edge. An overwhelming majority of people in our society live that way. Do you experience (or have you recently started to experience) anxiety, frustration or sadness on an daily basis? Or perhaps you can't sleep at night and focus during the day? If you also get persistent headaches, palpitations and chest pain, it's high time you went to see a specialist. All of these symptoms may of course be a result of temporary fatigue. However, they may also be a warning sign of a more serious problem affecting your body. 

Not everyone is aware of the fact that stress is a serious pathogenic (disease-inducing) factor which with increasing frequency manifests itself as various diseases and symptoms. Such diseases and symptoms are described as psychosomatic, and can affect both sexes and develop at any age. Constant pressure, chronic stress and bottled-up emotions weaken our body's defences and increase our risk of developing various diseases. If you want to avoid them or at least detect them early enough, book a Screening for Psychosomatic Disorders here at the Medicover Hospital in order to detect:

  • sex hormone imbalance,
  • hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland),
  • diabetes,
  • degenerative spine disease,
  • gallstones.

This can be your first step towards improving your health and starting to feel better. All this is within reach. Let yourself be helped!