Ultrasound examination is an essential element of every pregnancy. At the Medicover Hospital, future mums can get help from professional staff specialized in gynaecological-obstetric ultrasonography. Examination is performed using the most modern equipment; it is non-invasive and provides comfort to the patient. Pregnancy ultrasound is painless, no special preparations are required, and the ultrasounds used during examination are safe for both foetus and mother.

Ultrasonography is carried out at least three times during pregnancy. It should be done for the first time between the 11th and the 14th week, the second time between the 18th and the 23rd weeks and the last time between the 28th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy. Ultrasound examination could help in the following situations:
- to determine the number of gestational sacs (e.g. twin pregnancy),
- recognize foetus age and assess whether it is developing properly,
- get to know the sex of child,
- evaluate overall structure and size of foetus internal organs,
- evaluate the distance between the fontanelles,
- exclude or detect defects such as Down syndrome,
- assess the structure of uterus and amount of amniotic fluid,
- check degree of maturity and location of placenta.

At Medicover centres, we can perform not only classic 2D ultrasound, but also more and more popular 3D and 4D examinations, which allow to observe the foetus on many levels and detect diseases such as cleft palate and spina bifida.