Zephyr ZSI 475 hydraulic penile implant is currently the most modern and technologically advanced method of treating erectile dysfunction. Impotence is a fairly common sexological problem that can meet men of all ages. The nature of factors causing potential problems may be different: vascular, organic, psychological, hormonal, neurological or caused by genital damage. Very often, problems with obtaining or maintaining an erection are a side effect of surgical operations, e.g. after radical prostatectomy.

When pharmacotherapy or other therapies do not bring the expected results, the most effective method of treatment is surgery to insert the penile implant. Regardless of factors or other conditions that cause erectile dysfunction, Zephyr ZSI 475 hydraulic penile implant is reliable, safe and very effective. Thanks to implantation, men have the opportunity to return to complete sexual performance by achieving and/or maintaining an erection that allows for a satisfying sexual intercourse.

Hydraulic penile implant consists of three elements: double cylinders that imitate corpus cavernosum, a pump and a reservoir filled with physiological fluid. When a man wants to get an erection, he just has to activate the pumping mechanism, located in the scrotum, then the cylinders will fill with physiological saline, thus becoming stiffened. The mechanism is very discreet, the partner may even be unaware that the man has an implant, which guarantees full discretion. An additional advantage of hydraulic penile implant is the man’s improved quality of life. The implant increases penile diameter and improves sensations of both partners during intercourse, although it may also minimally shorten penile length. A 15-year implant guarantee is also a very important advantage.

Implantation is a type of surgical operation that is performed under general anaesthesia. Urologic consultation, qualifying for surgery, as well as anaesthesia and sexological consultations are necessary before the procedure. The treatment does not require long hospitalisation, after 5 days the patient is usually discharged from the hospital, after 8 weeks the patient can return to full activity and sexual performance. The penile implantation procedure takes place at Medicover hospital and is performed by qualified specialists; due to many years of experience of the medical team, we are an international reference centre of Zephyr Surgical Implants, and the only medical centre in Poland also possessing the ZSI quality certificate.