PCA3 urine test

PCA3 test is an advanced genetic test of the PCA3 gene (Prostate Cancer Gene 3), having a very high sensitivity and specificity for prostate cancer. This test allows for non-invasive diagnostics of prostate cancer, qualification for biopsy or secondary biopsy, as well as assessment of progression and the aggressiveness of the tumour. Through the use of this non-invasive method for prostate cancer detection it is possible to distinguish between malignant and healthy tissues.

Who should undergo PCA3 testing, and when should it be done?

  • In case of persistent suspicion of prostate cancer, despite its presence not being confirmed by a biopsy
  • Men with an elevated PSA level, or an abnormal DRE (evaluation of prostate through a rectal examination), and must make a decision to undergo prostate biopsy
  • Men whose free PSA levels and total PSA levels cannot definitively determine the need for prostate biopsy
  • Men with a genetic predisposition for prostate cancer (if the father, uncles or grandfather suffered from prostate cancer)
  • If cancer cells were detected during the prostate biopsy, and there is a need for risk assessment of progression and to predict the aggressiveness of the disease

The test is performed using a urine sample. The sample is taken during a urological consultation. The result is available in about 2 weeks. The Test costs PLN 1,800 + PLN 190 for urology visit.