Many people have had heart disease in your family? Or perhaps you have noticed that your child has been recently getting tired quite fast and is too slowly gaining weight? Do not underestimate the symptoms - they may indicate problems with the circulatory system - and visit one of the paediatric cardiologists at the Medicover Hospital.
Our specialists are distinguished by great knowledge about cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, they are able to take care of the needs of a little patient to make him feel comfortable during necessary tests. By choosing paediatric cardiologist at the Medicover Hospital, you decide primarily to receive help from qualified and experienced doctors. Our cardiologists are involved in treatment of the following:
- congenital heart defects (including left heart hypoplasia syndrome, ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect, critical aortic stenosis),
- myocarditis (including infectious, allergic or metabolic),
- arrhythmias,
- hypertension,
- heart failure,
- cardiomyopathy.

In the Consultation Centre of the Medicover Hospital, patients and their parents can count not only on professional care and treatment, but above all on accurate diagnosis, which is possible thanks to the most modern equipment - echocardiographs (transthoracic and transoesophageal), ergometers, Holter type devices (used to test heart work) and ultrasonographs.