Patients undergoing surgery or a procedure in the Department of Children’s Health are taken care of by a paediatric surgeon and their condition is permanently monitored by a highly-qualified paediatric team. This is a unique solution in the private healthcare system in Poland. What also makes us unique is our approach to anaesthetising children before surgery – the child goes to sleep and wakes up in the presence of their parent. We let parents stay with their children the entire time when the little ones are being prepared for their surgery. It is only during surgery in the operating theatre that parents need to leave their child but once the operation is over, they can come back and participate in waking their child up from the anaesthetic. Such approach lets minimize children’s stress related to surgery.

Within the scope of paediatric surgery we perform, among others, dermatological procedures, hernia surgery, gallbladder surgery and appendectomy. We also offer observation of patients with injuries and a diagnostic assessment of stomach ache or osteoarticular system disorders.