As parents we often have to deal with our children suffering from recurrent upper respiratory tract infections or acute otitis media. If despite the treatment our child is still ill, we should look for a quick diagnostic assessment and professional surgical treatment.

Each child qualified for surgery or a procedure in the Medicover Hospital is examined by the otolaryngologist in the hospital Consulting Centre. Apart from the general examination, we can also perform ear, nose or laryngeal endoscopy with the use of the visual track. 

Our little patients undergoing surgery or a procedure in our hospital are taken care of by otolaryngologists and their condition is permanently monitored by a highly-qualified paediatric team. This is a unique solution in the private healthcare system in Poland. Our medical staff makes sure that parents regularly obtain information about their child’s condition, methods of treatment and prospects for recovery.

What also makes us unique is our approach to anaesthetising children before surgery – the child goes to sleep and wakes up in the presence of their parent. We let parents stay with their children the entire time when the little ones are being prepared for their surgery. It is only during surgery in the operating theatre that parents need to leave their child but once the operation is over, they can come back and participate in waking their child up from the anaesthetic. Such approach lets minimize children’s stress related to surgery.

List of procedures:

  • surgical removal of palatine tonsils (tonsillectomy)
  • partial reduction of palatine tonsils (partial tonsillectomy)
  • removal of pharyngeal tonsil, primary or secondary, irrespective of patient’s age
  • adenoidectomy with insertion of ventilation tube
  • endoscopic sinus surgery
  • anterior tympanotomy, both sides, with insertion of ventilation tube (ZO)