At the Medicover Hospital, small patients can take advantage from services of many specialists, including paediatric laryngologists. Our doctors have great knowledge and many years of experience that makes them able to perfectly deal with the diagnosis of diseases of ear, throat, larynx, nose and other organs located in head and neck region.

Does your child suffer from problems with tonsils? Or perhaps she has begun to hear worse or suffer from recurrent infections of upper respiratory tract and sinuses? Our otolaryngologists perform different tests that will determine the correct diagnosis and allow to start treatment process. Specialists from the Medicover Hospital:
- examine the oral cavity, larynx and throat,
- check ear condition - not only external, but also perform otoscopy (examination of the auditory canal),
- examine lymph nodes,
- carry out examinations with a hearing aid and treat infections such as otitis, middle and external ear inflammation,
- perform rhinoscopy (examination of the nasal septum),
- remove foreign bodies from the nose and ears,
- treat chronic sinusitis,
- recognize and diagnose diseases resulting from the pathology of palatine tonsils and pharyngeal tonsil,
- qualify our little patients for procedures such as tonsillectomy, tonsil reduction or adenoidectomy with ventilatory drainage.

In addition to knowledge about laryngology, our doctors also have many psychosocial competences, so that a visit to the consulting room is less stressful for the child.