Diabetes is currently one of the most progressive lifestyle diseases. The main cause of diabetes is reduction or complete lack of pancreatic insulin secretion. Physicians distinguish between secondary and gestational diabetes as well as two the most common types of disease:
- type 1 diabetes - also called juvenile diabetes, caused most often by the abnormal functioning of the immune system,
- type 2 diabetes - so-called acquired diabetes, mainly affecting people who abuse alcohol, are obese, and have low physical activity.

Does your child drink lots of fluids and often urinate? Or perhaps she or he has recently complained about constant fatigue? Increased thirst and weight loss are the most common symptoms of diabetes, so if you notice them, definitely visit paediatric diabetologist at the Medicover Hospital. Our specialists have extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in people who are under the age of 18.

During consultations with paediatric diabetologists at the Medicover Hospital, small patients can count on:
- medical history,
- diabetological care,
- choosing of right treatment method,
- professional diagnostics and analysis of tests’ results together with education on diabetic complications,
- education in the field of proper nutrition and maintaining the proper level of glucose in the blood (including learning how to use the glucometer when necessary).

Our diabetologists not only have great knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, but also ensure that during the visit children are relaxed and do not feel additional discomfort and stress.