Different allergies affect more and more people. The risk group includes not only adults, but also children. Allergy is a reaction of immune system to allergens in environment. Due to different type of allergens, allergists distinguish:
- contact allergens - primarily sensitizing the skin,
- food allergens - found in foods,
- inhaled allergens – inhalation exposure,
- medicines.

The most common allergens include: dust, pollen of plants (trees, shrubs, flowers), bee venom and cow's milk, egg white, seafood, strawberries, citrus, cereals and nuts. Allergy can manifest in many ways, e.g.:
- hay fever associated with watery eyes, bothersome sneezing and scratching in the throat (inhaled allergens),
- pruritus, skin burning and urticaria (contact allergens)
- persistent diarrhoea, dyspnoea, migraines, drowsiness and inflammation of the digestive system (food allergens).

In case of any of these symptoms, a visit to paediatric allergist at the Medicover Hospital is necessary. Specialists from our Consultation Centre have many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

During the consultation our little patients can count on:
- help in determining the factor causing the allergy,
- referral for necessary tests (skin tests, serological tests or various types of exposition tests) and discussion of their results,
- planning comprehensive treatment,
- education in the field of proper nutrition and hygiene,
- help in the relief of nagging symptoms.