Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of ear, nose, throat, larynx and sinuses, minimally-invasive snoring treatment.

You suffer from chronic and recurrent upper respiratory tract infections or sinusitis? You have breathing problems, sleep or speech disorders or improper bites? You snore? These are the most common symptoms of laryngological diseases. If drug treatment fails, surgery can help. The most popular procedures include, among others, sinus / nasal septum / salivary gland  surgery and larynx microsurgery. Our hospital also specializes in the treatment of snoring. Since we use minimally-invasive surgery techniques (e.g. endoskopy), the length of surgery is reduced to the minimum (the maximum of 2 hours), there is less risk of complications and patients can leave hospital on the day of surgery.

Check our new offer. We now offer laryngological procedures at a lower price within packages inclufing the cost of a procedure, hospital stay and anaesthesia:

  • endoscopic nasal septum surgery – PLN 5,000
  • endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinusem – PLN 7,000
  • endoscopic sinus and nasal septum surgery – PLN 9,000