The Medicover Hospital offers the patients consultations in the field of ophthalmic surgery. Surgeons ophthalmologists working for us can boast of many years of experience and professional approach to the patient and his needs. Doctors not only provide assistance in the diagnosis of diseases, but also qualify for treatments that improve the quality of vision.

Surgeons ophthalmologists from the Medicover Hospital conduct, among others, the following procedures:
- correction of vision defects (laser refractive correction, refractive lens exchange, phakic lens implantation),
- cataract surgery (replacing the cloudy lens with an implant),
- cross-linking of keratoconus (improvement of visual acuity by strengthening the corneal structure).

Our surgeons ophthalmologists not only have the skills and knowledge acquired over the years, but also the most modern equipment that makes the treatments carried out at the Medicover Hospital completely safe and the risk of complications is minimal.

For the sake of patient comfort the following modern equipment is used for a treatment: Schiwnd Amaris 1050RS 7D laser, which allows tracking micro-eye movements, Centurion Vision System - professional equipment for cataract removal, measuring the eye parameters in detail, making easier to determine the correct visual acuity, and the highest quality Alcon intraocular lenses implanted during cataract surgery, ensuring stability and durability of vision for years.