Ophthalmic surgery

Medicover Hospital specialises in ophthalmic surgery procedures that significantly improve the quality of vision, and thus the patients’ quality of life. Thanks to laser vision correction, patients gain visual acuity without the need to use glasses or lenses, and thanks to the removal of cataracts - they regain the vision they enjoyed in their youth. In many cases, we correct the eye defect at the same time, so the patient is not forced to wear glasses.

The Ophthalmic Surgery Clinic has the most modern medical equipment and excellent medical staff, headed by Prof. dr hab. n. med. Iwona Grabska-Liberek - an authority in the field of ophthalmic surgery.


  • Cataract surgery - it involves removing a cloudy, natural lens, in place of which artificial lens (an implant) is inserted. This procedure is performed in people with an existing opacification, which exacerbates the visual acuity and thus reduces the quality of life. Thanks to the advanced technology and experience of specialists, Medicover patients have a chance to gain the quality of vision they have not had since their youth.

  • Corneal cone - a disease that changes the shape of the cornea (from regular to conical), which may cause, among others, astigmatism. The cross-linking procedure, by strengthening the structure of the cornea, stops the progression of the cone, and in many cases, improves visual acuity.