Specialists from the Medicover Hospital offer help in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases. Our oncologists are distinguished by knowledge, many years of experience, as well as the right approach to the patient, thanks to which during the examination he does not feel any additional discomfort and stress.

Oncology services of the Medicover Hospital are available for everyone - the documentation of disease or preliminary results will be useful. In addition, our facilities are equipped with devices that help in the diagnosis of certain diseases, including:
- ultrasound scanner,
- digital roentgen,
- magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner,
- computed tomography (CT) scanner,
- endoscope.
Our doctors carry out diagnostic procedures and also choose treatment methods of different cancer, including:
- gastrointestinal tract,
- breasts and reproductive organs,
- lung and chest,
- skin,
- thyroid gland,
- kidneys,
- bone marrow.

Oncologists from the Medicover Hospital prepare a treatment plan based on the results of diagnostic tests and choose a method that will give the patient the best chance of recovery. Among the practiced methods of treatment is not only local therapy (e.g. surgical treatment or radiotherapy), but also systemic therapies, which include chemotherapy (destroying cancer cells with cytostatic agents), hormonotherapy (destroying cancer cells with hormones) and biological treatment (e.g. gene therapy). The staff of the Medicover Hospital also provides professional help after the elimination of the disease.