Lip enhancement

Full and supple lips give your face a character and rejuvenated look. However, with age, lips become thinner, and skin loses its firmness and elasticity. Wrinkles start to appear around the lips and lip corners droop, giving your face an increasingly sad and fatigued look. All this can fortunately be prevented. If you've noticed these ageing symptoms on your skin and want to successfully eliminate them, check out the range of aesthetic medicine treatments and procedures available for you here at Medicover Hospital.

An effective treatment for your lips might be offered by hyaluronic acid injections, which will give your lips volume, improve and correct the lip contour and lift those drooping corners. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance responsible for maintaining adequate hydration of skin cells. At an appropriate concentration, hyaluronic acid will give you a natural and long-lasting effect and a spectacular makeover. The procedure of adding volume to your lips and enhancing their suppleness will only take about a quarter of an hour. Importantly, it is done under local anaesthesia due to the high sensitivity of this area of your face. You can start enjoying your gorgeous and full lips immediately after the procedure.