Laser endolifting treatment is a non-invasive method of therapy using the Fotona 4D laser both on the inside and the outside of your face. This method completely rebuilds your collagen and fills the nasolabial folds already with the first treatment session. The spectacular effects of Fotona 4D laser treatments make it a great alternative to procedures based on fillers, which is why it is so often chosen by patients.

Removal of broken vessels

Selective photothermolysis is a method dedicated for eliminating superficially located red-coloured broken vessels which are particularly visible on the nasal alae. A systematic control of vascular problems is an integral element of care for a complexion characterised by dilated capillaries. Using the parameters for homogeneous laser photothermolysis, on the other hand, is the perfect tool for treating larger and deeper-seated vessel dilations, such as those in the legs.


Laser treatments are used in the latest anti-ageing techniques. Thanks to collagen stimulation processes using laser beams, a visible flattening of wrinkles can be achieved. After the laser treatment your skin will look tighter and smoother. Controlled exfoliation of the epidermis allows to improve the density and suppleness of the skin, while making its colouration more uniform.

Removal of scars and stretch marks

The safety during the procedure and the short recovery time make lasers an effective tool for the treatment of scars and stretch marks. The laser beam leads, in a controlled manner, to deep exfoliation, and the remodelling process flattens and smooths out the treated scars and stretch marks. The procedure is also dedicated to such skin imperfections as acne scars.