Laser closing of blood vessels

Do you keep blushing, even though you're far from being shy? Or perhaps you skin (not only facial skin) is damaged enough from broken capillaries that you're embarrassed to expose it? While in some cases such dilated capillaries resolve, in most cases they persist and stay with us for the rest of our lives. What are the factors that promote such skin changes? Mostly the following:

  • long-term exposure of the skin to sunlight,
  • using sun beds,
  • exposure to wind,
  • wide temperature fluctuations,
  • treatment with corticosteroids.

Dilated capillaries (also called broken capillaries or broken blood vessels) are not only an affliction of women and they can become really large. Some people have them since the day they were born, while others develop them as a result of exposure to the external factors mentioned above. Is there an effective treatment that allows you to get rid of them? Of course, there is! Also in this case aesthetic medicine can come to the rescue by offering laser removal of broken capillaries. How does it work?

Laser removal of dilated capillaries is a treatment during which a broken capillary is irradiated with a laser ray, which rapidly heats the blood in the vessel, causing it to shrink and permanently close. Thanks to this treatment the condition of the skin of the legs, for instance, is incomparably improved. Treatment involving the face looks similar, except that the outcome depends on the wavelength emitted by the laser (which is, of course, decided by the doctor during initial consultations regarding your facial skin). The trick is to select a wavelength at which the laser heat is released inside the blood, and the skin is heated only to a specific temperature, low enough to avoid the formation of skin discolouration.