The laboratory is located on hospital premises. In urgent cases, a physician can quickly obtain results and administer appropriate treatment.
The blood collection facility operates 24 hours a day and is available to everyone.

The diagnostic centre performs laboratory tests in the following areas:

  • analytical tests to determine, amongst others, the blood cell count, electrolyte concentrations and cholesterol levels
  • allergy tests: food panels, inhalation and mixed tests
  • bacteriological tests (inoculation)
  • tumour markers – diagnostic tests for cancer
  • serological examinations – testing for blood group, antibodies in pregnant women
  • biochemical tests – testing the level of enzymes, hormones, proteins, electrolytes and trace elements in the body:
    • biopsy and histopathological assessment of the bone marrow
    • biopsy and histopathological assessment of the lymph node
    • trepanobiopsy with histopathological examination of the bone marrow
    • diagnostics of anaemia
    • diagnostics of thyroid diseases
    • diagnostics of diabetes
    • diagnostics of infections
    • diagnostics of conditions affecting the blood and the hematopoietic system – haematological tests and blood coagulation parameters:
  • tests of sexual and metabolic hormones
  • prenatal blood tests

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