COVID-19 is a disease that can cause serious complications. Some of them are clearly felt by the patients, while the detection of others often requires specialist examinations and consultations. All of them can be a threat to our health – that is why comprehensive diagnostics is so important.

We offer our patients a one-day hospital screening: Health after COVID-19.

It includes a number of specialist consultations, laboratory tests, imaging and functional tests – all taking place on one day in comfortable conditions: Patients stay in a single room, are looked after by a personal Care Coordinator and receive meals and drinks.


The Hospital Screening: Health after COVID-19 helps exclude such complications of COVID-19 as:

  • inflammation of the heart muscle;
  • lung damage;
  • depression;
  • slowdown in cognitive processes, the so-called "brain fog";
  • changes in the sense of smell and taste.

Are you a COVID survivor? Don’t hesitate – contact us and check your health condition.

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The screening is available to patients aged 18-70 for whom at least a month has passed since they recovered from COVID-19. The screening is offered only at the Medicover Hospital located in Warsaw's Wilanów district.

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