HIFU CLINIC – treatment of prostate cancer

In Poland, cancer of the prostate is the second (to lung cancer) most common cancer in males. Approximately 10 men in Poland die from prostate cancer each day. HIFU CLINIC Centre for the Treatment of Prostatic Cancer in collaboration with Medicover Hospital has been created to effectively rescue patients and support their families to allow them to lead active and comfortable lives. Early detection of prostatic cancer, when it still involves the prostate only, offers much better chances of a cure and the possibility of using highly effective and less invasive methods of treatment. One such method is the HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound). HIFU destroys cancerous tissues without a scalpel or ionising radiation, as it uses ultrasound beams.

The first centre in this part of Europe (and a reference centre for this region) is the HIFU CLINIC Centre for the Treatment of Prostatic Cancer at Medicover Hospital.

The HIFU CLINIC offers the following services:

  • consultations,
  • in-depth modern diagnostic evaluation, PCA3 genetic testing, TRUS-MRI-guided fusion biopsy, an opinion by the Multidisciplinary Committee,
  • selection of an appropriate method of treatment, HIFU, radical prostatectomy,
  • placement of a penile implant,
  • care and monitoring during the convalescence period by a psycho-oncologist and a sexologist.

Our landmark has become the minimally-invasive HIFU, a method selected and valued by patients and their families in many countries. The centre is complemented by a team of specialists who are the first in Poland to comprehensively deal with the problem of prostatic cancer. The team led by Marek Filipek, MD, PhD has performed more than 150 HIFU procedures since 2011.

HIFU is commonly used worldwide – more than 40,000 patients have been treated with it. In 2014, the European Association of Urology included this method among those it recommends as first- and second-line treatment for prostatic cancer. Dr Marek Filipek leads the team of the HIFU Clinic at Centre for the Treatment of Prostatic Cancer. Other members of the team include:

  • Dr Stefan W. Czarniecki, the second Polish urologist to have been awarded the EDAP TMS certificate for Ablatherm® HIFU,
  • Tomasz Borkowski, MD, PhD, who specialises in laparoscopic procedures and has more than 10 years' experience in this field; he has practised in leading centres in France, the UK and USA,
  • Dr Daniel Leszczyński, urologist,
  • Dr Marcin Czarniecki, radiologist.

Apart from HIFU and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, our team also performs other modern procedures in patients whose sexual function failed to return after previous forms of treatment. The HIFU Clinic also offers penile implant placement procedures, which guarantee the return of sexual function.

In response to the problem delineated above, the HIFU CLINIC Centre for the Treatment of Prostatic Cancer is probably the only such clinic in Poland and this part of Europe to offer free preliminary consultation by e-mail. This form of consultation allows the patient and his family to quickly contact qualified and experienced medical staff ready to provide exhaustive information.

In the process of the free preliminary consultation, our medical team reviews the patient's medical history and all the diagnostic test results sent in by the patient. On this basis individually selected recommendations regarding further diagnostic process and treatment are sent back to the patient.

We believe that when it comes to cancer treatment, time is of the essence, which is why already with the first encounter each patient of the HIFU CLINIC Centre for the Treatment of Prostatic Cancer is assigned a dedicated Patient Coordinator who will subsequently be responsible for facilitating the diagnostic and therapeutic process for the patient by:

  • helping him compile the necessary medical documentation,
  • scheduling doctor's appointments, specialist appointments and diagnostic tests,
  • helping the patient to organise his hospital stay if the patient has been qualified for surgical treatment during the diagnostic process.

For more information, please visit www.hifu.pl.