The Gynaecology Unit offers a full range of medical services from preventive examinations to complicated surgery. We treat common diseases and disorders related to the female sex organs as well as gynaecological problems affecting girls.
We also provide comprehensive preventive examinations, early diagnosis of cancer (endoscopy, laparoscopy, colposcopy), verification of abnormal cytology results and cancer surgery.
The most important rule in our work is a team approach to patients’ medical conditions. This means that many healthcare professionals may be involved in solving your problems. Pathologists, gynaecologists, radiologists, oncologists and other healthcare professionals work closely together, exchange knowledge and experience, thus ensuring accurate diagnosis and a wide range of possibilities within the scope of surgical treatment.  

Within the scope of gynaecology we provide diagnosis and treatment of:

  • abnormal genital bleeding
  • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • endometriosis
  • oncological diseases
  • female genital prolapse, urinary incontinence (urogynaecology and pelvic floor reconstructive surgery)
  • fertility problems
  • gynaecological disorders in women around menopausal age

We also offer counselling and treatment of problems related to sexual health.