General surgeons diagnose and treat patients with various diseases of soft tissues, or internal organs, muscles, the subcutaneous tissue and the skin (dermis). In their treatment, they use both preventative (non-operative) and operative methods.

Subdivisions of surgery:

• thoracic surgery, or surgery of the chest (thorax)
• vascular surgery
• cardiac surgery (cardio-vascular surgery)
• neurosurgery (surgery of the nervous system)
• urology (surgery of the urogenital tract)
• maxillofacial surgery
• orthopaedics and trauma surgery (traumatology)
• oncological surgery
• transplantology (surgery of organ transplantation)


dr Jacek Gałczyński surgeon
Professor Maciej Kielar surgeon, vascular surgeon
Andrzej Lewczuk MD surgeon
Professor Waldemar Koszewski surgeon
Andrzej Kwiatkowski MD PhD surgeon
Professor Edward Stanowski surgeon, surgical oncologist
Jacek Waligóra MD surgeon, vascular surgeon
Marek Witkowski MD surgeon, vascular surgeon
Robert Włodarczyk MD surgeon