Ear corrections

Protruding ears are usually a source of multiple complexes and emotional problems. Protruding ears are a genetic problem. This cosmetic defect cannot be corrected by wearing tight caps and headbands or by fixing the ears with adhesive plasters. Plastic surgery offers the only effective way to get rid of ear protrusion, as it permanently improves approximation of the auricles to the head. So if you or one of your relatives have always struggled with this problem, considering it a necessary evil, if this has been a complex that has been affecting your self-esteem day in, day out, you must find out whether we can help you here at Medicover Hospital! Perhaps thanks to a simple and non-invasive ear correction your life will change for the better?

The corrective surgery for protruding ears is done under local anaesthesia using various surgical techniques, by incision of the posterior aspect of the auricle. During the operation, the ear cartilage is modelled. Insoluble stitches are left inside to give it a new shape. The postsurgical scar is hidden behind the ear and with time becomes almost completely invisible.

If you don't want to have to cover your ears with long hair, caps, hats or headbands, consider having an ear corrective procedure. This could be your chance for improved appearance and much better self-esteem.