You have been struggling with extra kilos for some time, but the effect is not satisfactory? Or perhaps
you have a diet-dependent disease and you need specialist advice? At Medicover centres you can get help from professional dieticians.

Our doctors have extensive experience in providing advice on healthy and proper nutrition. At the Medicover Hospital, patients on consultation with qualified dietitians can learn more about the diet adjusted to their age and state of health and learn the secrets of effective weight loss.

Dieticians help:
- people who are overweight and obese (also in extreme form),
- patients who are underweight,
- pregnant women and children.

Moreover, our dieticians are happy to support the treatment of diet-related diseases, including gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases (diabetes, diseases o gallbladder, pancreas, liver, varicose veins, gastric reflux, indigestion), cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, hypertension, previous myocardial infarctions), nervous system diseases (e.g. depression, Parkinson's disease, problems with concentrating) and chronic kidney disease.

Consultations in the offices of Medicover dietitians include:
- professional interview with the patient,
- body composition analysis on Tanita weight (along with exact interpretation of the results),
- diagnostic recommendations,
- preparation the nutrition plan based on the taste preferences, lifestyle and habits of the patient.