Cervical lymph nodes respond to nearly all upper respiratory tract infections. These include not only bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, but also cancers. Even though enlarged lymph nodes are not always indicative of a dangerous disease, it is worth consulting a physician to receive comprehensive diagnostics.

What should alarm parents is enlarged lymph nodes which have failed to subside after infection, especially if they are grouped and freely movable. An alarming symptom may also be lymph nodes that start to grow.

Our screening tests will make it possible to diagnose your child and exclude the following conditions:

  • chronic infections in the area of the head and neck (laryngological consultation – ear inflammation (otitis), chronic sinusitis);
  • viral and bacterial diseases;
  • parasitic diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • cancers and haematological diseases;
  • tuberculosis.

If your child has enlarged lymph nodes despite the subsidence of infection, book a consultation appointment with a specialist at the Medicover hospital and perform the necessary examinations. A consultation with a specialist can be booked by calling the following number: 500 900 900.

The price of the package (PLN 1,800) includes tests and examinations, consultations and hospitalisation of the child.

The physician conducting the diagnostic programme: Katarzyna Smalisz-Skrzypczyk MD.