Rich offer of the Medicover Hospital services also includes dermatological procedures. The youngest patients can count on help of surgeons with many years of experience and take advantage of treatments consisting of removing warts, moles, fibromas and other dermal nevus.

Does your child have a big nevus? Or perhaps a few moles appeared on her/his body? It is worth removing them not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all for health reasons. Uncontrolled nevi, under the influence of different factors such as UV radiation can become dangerous to the body. Therefore, when a child develops new nevi and these old ones will grow larger, change their shape and colour or start to itch, it is necessary to preventively remove them.

Surgeons of the Medicover Hospital are distinguished not only by their knowledge, but also by their approach to the youngest patients, caring for their psychological comfort. The dermatological treatments offered by our hospitals are based on previous conversations with the patient and tests that are carried out in a modern Consultation Centre. They last only a few minutes and only local anaesthesia is needed. After the surgery, the removed tissue is subject to thorough histopathological examination.