Correction of sight defects

It is a method commonly known and used by many clinics in the country and abroad. Medicover Hospital, as the first facility in Poland and one of only few in Europe, has the latest excimer laser Amaris 1050RS 7D, made by the German company Schwind. It is a device that guarantees the highest precision and safety. It is also worth noting that this is the fastest device among all available on the market, which is of great importance, especially in the treatment of complicated eye defects.
This precision is based on innovative eye position tracking technology during laser correction. The laser beam, modelling the shape of cornea, targets precisely the site planned before the procedure. Thanks to these parameters, the laser beam is modified during the procedure to obtain a precisely smooth cornea. This is a guarantee that after procedure the corneal epithelium will recover better - and this in turn influences the effect of the treatment. The optical zone extended to 10 mm, in which the laser works, helps to avoid the "halo" effect, e.g. splitting of light. The Amaris1050 RS laser has the ability to reduce aberrations - which are not available with other lasers used in Poland. This technique allows individual programming of laser parameters according to patient’s needs.