Chemical peels

Grey and fatigued complexion, wide pores, comedones, greasy and seborrhoeic skin, and manifestations of sun-induced skin damage are problems we can successfully eliminate using chemical peels. If these are also your problems, make sure you look into the available Medicover services, as we might be able to help you not only get better looking skin but, more importantly, feel better!

Peeling treatments involve exfoliation of the epidermis at various depths, depending on the type of the peel. The peeling method is selected by the doctor, who will assess the condition of your skin and choose the type and concentration of the chemical product to meet your treatment expectations. So, if the expensive creams and ointments you've been using and the cosmetic treatments you’ve had have been far from successful or their effects have been short-lived, then chemical peels may be the right solution for you. Book an appointment with our specialists, who will select the appropriate treatment for your skin.