Cataract removal

There is no pharmacological agent to stop the opacity of eye lens. Available formulations may slow down the rate of visual acuity weakening, but they do not stop the cataract, which, through slow deterioration of vision, may even lead to total blindness.

Medicover Hospital offers the procedure to remove the opaque natural lens and replace it with the implant - this is the only effective way to treat cataracts. For this purpose, the state-of-the-art Alcon CENTURION phacoemulsifier is used, which guarantees the highest precision of preparation and performing a procedure, and optimal use of the advantages of the selected intraocular lens.

The lens selection process is extremely important because cataract surgery and artificial lens implantion should last the patient's entire lifetime. Therefore, all offered lenses have an aspherical structure - guaranteeing improved visual acuity (felt mainly on large viewing distances) preserved regardless of the lighting conditions in which we are. All lenses have additional filters that protect the internal eye structures from UV radiation and improve the contrast of vision in low light conditions, which are dedicated, for example, to professional drivers forced to cover long routes at nightfall. Lenses can also correct astigmatism or provid good vision at any distance.