At the Obesity Treatment Clinic at Medicover Hospital patients are looked after by a team of specialists: a bariatric doctor, a dietician, a surgeon, a psychologist, and a physical therapist. Their knowledge and support will help you will achieve your ideal weight more easily. To ensure best possible weight loss results, we will adapt the program to your age, gender, type of obesity and any coexisting conditions.

The treatment process begins with a two-stage qualification program consisting of consultations with specialists and laboratory tests. On this basis, we choose the appropriate weight loss method for you - a conservative program or surgical obesity treatment.

It is a program for people who, aside from morbid obesity, suffer from serious metabolic disorders - metabolic syndrome and diabetes. The program is highly effective for weight loss and, due to the separation of the alimentary and secretory pathways, it effectively normalizes the metabolic processes, which may result in alleviating diabetes symptoms.

The operation involves separating the stomach into small alimentary and secretory areas, to which food cannot get through. The alimentary section is connected to the intestinal loop – which prevents food from being absorbed in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract, only in the area where the alimentary and secretory pathways connect again. This helps reduce calorie absorption and stops the stimulation of pancreatic secretion, which reduces the body's need for insulin.

After the surgery, the patient must follow a special diet and take vitamins in order to control the weight loss process.

The program includes the care of a bariatric doctor, and consultations with a dietitian and psychologist, including after hospitalisation.

Program price: PLN 29 900 (including PLN 990 - the cost of the qualification program).

Standard length of stay in the hospital: up to 5 days