The Medicover Hospital specializes in conducting ultrasound examinations. These simple, non-invasive tests using ultrasounds help diagnose the diseases and assess the condition of particular tissues and organs. One of the most commonly performed examination in women is breast ultrasonography.

The examination is recommended in many cases, including the following:
- patient is at a high risk of getting breast cancer,
- during the palpation physician detected protrusion or nodules,
- touching the breast causes chronic pain,
- nipples discharge,
- patient older than 30 years (at least once a year in the prevention of breast cancer).

The Medicover Hospital has got a modern ultrasound scanner that allows to make an accurate diagnosis. During the examination using ultrasounds, the nature of breast tissues as well as the structure of mammary gland are assessed. Our comprehensive examination also includes the assessment of axillary lymph nodes. This is preceded by taking medical history, during which it is necessary to collect the information about patient’s age, date of the last menstrual period, and medicines used (especially hormonal agents). Additional important information includes: previous breast surgery, breast and reproductive cancers in women in closest family, previous breast examinations (earlier results may be helpful).